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This device wants to "vibrate" your muscle pains away.
Raise your hand if you've already "evolved" βœ‹β 
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It's almost Prime Day! Better start warming up your fingers because deals start at midnight. Click the link in bio to see some of the stuff that's already on sale.
This mixed reality room is trippy AF.
Hey, Google? Can you not leak our conversations? Click the link in bio to read more.
This year's iPhone will likely have a triple rear camera, located inside a hefty, square bump on the phone's back. Swipe left for a sneak peak πŸ‘ˆβ β €
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Just in case you wanted to double check if your food is gluten free.
Let's not forget the free $100 gift card and iPad that we "won" last week too! ⁠
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The 8 best TV shows of 2019
The 2019 television climate continues to be an embarrassment of riches, which made it damn near impossible to choose the 8 best TV show (new and returning) of 2019. Still, we gave it ...
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