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Volodymyr Zelensky: Why Ukraine's new president needs second election win Volodymyr Zelensky's presidential victory was hailed as a political earthquake but he has been unable to make changes.
Will ships without sailors be the future of trade? May saw the world's first unmanned commercial shipping operation.
Iran nuclear deal breaches not yet significant, EU says Recent breaches of the landmark 2015 agreement are reversible, the bloc's foreign policy chief says.
Suzanne Eaton murder: Man arrested for murder of US scientist The man who allegedly killed Suzanne Eaton was reported to be a father of two from the Greek island.
Italy seizes 'combat-ready' missile in raids on far right Some of the groups investigated in Italy are said to be linked to pro-Russian militants in Ukraine.
Brexit: No-deal battle could be decided by Supreme Court says Letwin Oliver Letwin says it is not clear if MPs can stop a no-deal Brexit - but the Supreme Court might.
Fariba Adelkhah: French-Iranian academic 'arrested in Iran' France calls on the Iranian authorities to "shed full light" on Fariba Adelkhah's situation.
Missile, guns, ammunition seized in Italy raids on far-right groups Police investigating far-right groups in northern Italy found a missile in a big arms cache.
Galileo sat-nav system still without service "Europe's GPS" remains offline as it grapples with a technical glitch in its ground infrastructure.
Pink defends Holocaust memorial photo after criticism Pop star Pink accused of 'disrespect' over a picture of her children running in a Holocaust memorial.
Russian police arrest dozens at Moscow vote protest Hundreds rallied in Moscow, accusing officials of barring independent candidates from election.
Skydiving plane crash kills nine in Sweden Nine people die when a plane carrying them for a parachute jump crashes in northern Sweden.
Trade negotiators wanted to fill Brexit gap Liam Fox wants to train new trade negotiators. Opponents say it is a last-minute scramble.
A web of abuse: How the far right disproportionately targets female politicians Established far-right groups use social media to direct abuse at female politicians across Europe.
Waterloo battlefield therapy for British war veterans Servicemen and women trying to overcome the effects of war are digging at the Battle of Waterloo site.
Lavazza boss: 'Bring in new blood' CEO Secret: How family-owned coffee firm Lavazza brought in new blood in its bid to go global.
Bastille Day: Flyboard takes part in military display France's annual military parade, commemorating the storming of the Bastille prison, takes place in Paris.
'Empty Spain': Can opera save the town of Medinaceli? A few hundred people live in Medinaceli but for one weekend a year it becomes a stage for high art.
Kursk WW2: Why Russia is still fighting world's biggest tank battle Russians hit back at Western historians over huge Soviet tank losses in the Battle of Kursk in WW2.
France Télécom bullying trial sheds light on spate of suicides Prosecutors want three executives to go to jail over the suicide of 19 France Télécom workers, in a test case.
The coal mine that ate Hambacher forest Much of Germany's power is still made by burning coal. Activists have occupied a forest in protest.
Ursula von der Leyen: Merkel ally nominated for EU top job The defence minister emerged from the shadows as the leaders' nominee to replace President Jean-Claude Juncker.
Violent storm leaves seven dead Seven people, including six tourists, have been killed in a violent storm that swept across a region of northern Greece.
Russian Arctic submarine wreck leaks radiation A Russian navy submarine that sank in 1989 is leaking radioactive caesium, Norway says.
Germany's Angela Merkel seen trembling for a third time The German chancellor insists there is no need to worry despite the third incident inside a month.
Goodbye to the Beetle VW is stopping production of the Beetle, ending 80 years on the road for the iconic car.

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