How to Play Free Poker Online and Have Fun Doing It


How to Play Free Poker Online and Have Fun Doing It “If you are playing poker and you look around the table and you can`t tell who the sucker is, it`s you.”- Paul Newman. Don`t be the sucker.

With prices of commodities skyrocketing, many people are shunning away from playing poker. But you should not since you are about to explore a world of free money. The good thing is that you can play free poker online.

Pro or Not

Whether you are a pro or a novice, you can find and play free poker online with ease. You don`t pay a cent to play it. At first, it might give you a headache, getting to understand the rules, but with continued persistence, you become a pro. If you want to get started, you will need to follow a few and easy steps.

Download a free poker software will answer How to Play Free Poker Online and Have Fun Doing It because that it is secure and create an account. Fill in your details that include a username that you will use in playing, a password required when logging in and finally fill and confirm your email address.


Once you are through with the signing up process, go to the lobby and click on the Poker section located on the left side. Find your favorite choice of game, then click on the Play Money section. You can create an account and play free poker from a mobile phone, laptop, iPad or even desktop. There is a large pool of games from where you can play from. These include Free Ring and different Tournaments.

After Registration

After registration, you receive some free and virtual funds that you will use to play. These are usually known as Chips. They sound quite funny, huh!

You will find that there are two main types which form which you can play; Ring Games and Tournaments. Ring Games are known as a classic, meaning that you can join, play, and leave a game anytime you want. Players choose how many virtual funds they want to place to the game, and are free to top up if they lose their funds.


Tournaments, on the other hand, are not classical. This means one has to wait until a number of players have registered or until a specific time so as to play. When one loses all the funds in a tournament, they are forced out of the game, unlike in Ring Games where one is allowed to top-up. When one is knocked out in a tournament, they wait until only one winner remains.


After the game is over, players who lasted longest in the game share the combined prize, but the game winner takes the biggest share.

Cons of playing free poker games

As much as the word free poker is very attractive, finding legitimate sites that offer such is hard. Hackers and those who want to spread viruses add links to sites that they create, very identical to the real sites, do that they can take information from innocent players. This should not worry you, follow the rules and poker will be even more interesting.

How to Play Free Poker Online and Have Fun Doing It


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